Project SAGE Act1 Version 0.1a by Paperwork

It's somewhat classic. It's about erotic adventures of a young girl moving in a new country. The story will start in a small town and evolve from there to an international scale. I try to implement what is missing in similar games.
- The MC's relationship with the characters at home are different now. (They are not all bad people initially.)

- Nearly all of your major choices are now tracked for future use

- Bathing and showering events are random (It can happen with Matt Chris and Stephan for now). They help accumulating home reputation for the MC and lust stats for those characters.

- There are openness and sluttiness values for environments like home, school, workplaces etc. Openness is used for the MC's openness to ideas or situations (like walking around in more revealing clothes comfortably). Sluttiness is used for sluttiness :) which will increase slower than openness (in this case she would be walking around in revealing clothes to seduce or attract people).

- Corruption in this game means the MC is using her "skills" to make a personal gain, be it money or some goal she's trying to achieve. Her sexual choices have nothing to do with corruption.

- There are some other stats for the MC too: Smartness, awareness, fitness, naivety, goodness, willpower, coolness, corruption, exhibitionism, drinking, professionalism, passiveness, aggressiveness and a few more. Some of these stats are already evaluated in v 0.1a. Your choices will determine how the stats change.

These stats will not prevent you from seeing or playing major events. But they will rather change how they play out. There may be some small events that can unlock for certain stats. Of course there will be the kind of events that you are used to see from the first ProjectSAGE which only depend on the story.

Project SAGE Act1 Version 0.1a by PaperworkProject SAGE Act1 Version 0.1a by PaperworkProject SAGE Act1 Version 0.1a by Paperwork