Chibiekaterina Siblings Swap version 6

Version 6

This is a quick update that fixes a few issues, no new story content, but it also adds a new feature to export your saves to a file some people have asked for, so you can make a backup of your saves now.

These files are simple JSON files, so they are both machine and human readable. You can open them with a text editor and poke around in there to cheat for example. On your own risk, if you break your save you have to deal with it yourself, so make a backup of your save file before you go poking around with a text editor.

All of your saves are exported into a single file (called SiblingsSwap_saves_dateAndTimeOfExport.json), so it's very easy to use. You can import the file again to overwrite the current saves or if you move to a different browser you can use this to import your saves from your old browser.

You can now import and export saves from/to files
Fixes calculation of how many hours of school you missed this week (I mixed up art and computer science)
The bonus payment you get when you didn't miss any classes didn't work
Your fitness stat didn't affect the walking speed
Fixes orgy in park not triggering when wearing a dress or sports outfit
Allows you to go back to the principal's mansion to reconsider the offer, it worked before but wrongly, as if you had never declined
Chibiekaterina Siblings Swap version 6Chibiekaterina Siblings Swap version 6Chibiekaterina Siblings Swap version 6